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Bespoke Software Development

An extra programming resource or a whole project

who we are

We provide software solutions to business problems

For over 20yrs Tibor Darvas have been creating powerful productivity solutions. We have wide experience
across a range of sectors. These are some examples....

  • Accreditation monitoring

  • EPC certificates

  • Specialist online marketplace

  • Card payment

  • SharePoint site design

  • CAM

  • Specialist route optimization

  • Excel & Access app replacement

what we do

Software solutions to help you

  • Your Challenge

  • Our Solution

  • Creating invoices manually ?

  • Automate creation of invoices
    importing directly into your
    accounts package

  • Compliance difficult to measure or report ?

  • Assured compliance, scheduling, tracking and reporting

  • Sending notifications, reminders manually and forgetting follow ups?

  • Send emails or post automatically including scheduled follow up activity

  • Customer and contact details held in multiple spreadsheets and databases, difficult to share and use ?

  • Provide all departments such as accounts, sales, and customer service with instant access to the customer and contact data they need to get the job done

  • Manually inputting data originating from customers, suppliers, or other sources ?

  • Capture data automatically - even enable customers to input data for you directly, on line

  • Customers can't self-serve ?

  • Customer facing systems tuned to maximize sales/support opportunities

  • Spreadsheets / Access used for critical systems or no longer the right tool ?

  • Customized application using professional database and browsers tuned for productivity

  • Difficulty getting the right management information from your existing systems/spreadsheets?

  • Run immediate queries on all data, plus create and store any kind of chart and reports

how it works

We've created a three step process and a unique set of software tools
to move from existing systems / processes to a professional database
solution quickly and efficiently - with no down time


Next Step

We identify the business value delivered by your existing systems / processes, gatheradditional requirements / functionality and turn these into first an outline & then a detailed written specification.


Next Step

We create a working prototype so the specification in Step 1 can be tested in real-life. Modifications can be made in light of actual use. We loop around this step until the solution matches the business need.


The production version is created, user accounts set up or modified according to differing levels of permission. We oversee the migration from old to new solution.

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01296 770 075


Tibor Darvas Ltd Rookery Farm, Bicester Road Kingswood, Bucks HP18 0RB